- CEBRI-IBRACH Partnership

The IBRACH and the Brazilian Center for International Relations (CEBRI) have formed a partnership and launched the CEBRI-IBRACH China Program. This initiative builds on activities already being undertaken by the two organizations and presents new projects. The new partnership contemplates a wide range of activities of training, research and debate, intended to increase awareness of the Brazilian society on China and to offer a forum for discussion to Brazilian and Chinese firms on economic and international issues key to Brazil-China relations.


- New book: "Direction of Chinese Global Investments: Implications for Brazil"

An international research team looks at the strategies of Chinese global investment from 2010 to 2016, their financial tools, sector orientation, geographical distribution and major firms involved, and discusses the implications of this investment dirve to Brazil.

About IBRACH and its activities

Research on China and its development strategy is still limited in Brazil as is the academic exchange between the two countrires. Government institutions and ministries as well as private firms lack the information resources appropriate to their operations and interests. The Institute for Brazil–China Studies (IBRACH) aims to bridge this gap and contribute to a reflection and debate regarding Brazil and China in the global economy. Amonsgt the main activities held by IBRACH are the IBRACH-TSINGHUA executive training program, the Brazil-China Innovation Dialogue program and the research on relevant issues to understanding China.